Journal of Engineering Education Transformations

Journal of Engineering Education Transformations

Year: 2020, Volume: 33, Issue: Special Issue, Pages: 201-203

Original Article

Impact of Experiential Learning on Performance of Students and Attainment of Course and Program Outcome


Present paper reports effect of experiential teaching learning method on performance of students. In order to involve student in teaching learning process visit to research laboratory at IIT Bombay was arranged and knowledge gained through this visit is assessed through presentation, group discussion and quiz. Student feedback for self assessment is also taken. It has been observed that this teaching learning method helped students to understand course in better way which is confirmed from their internal assessment as well as in end semester examination result. Also from students self assessment feedback it is noted that their level of understanding in a given topic has improved. This experiential learning method helped in increasing attainment level of Course outcome and related Program outcome.


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