Journal of Engineering Education Transformations

Aim and Scope

The world faces challenges which can be only addressed by high quality engineering talent around the world. Improving the access of high quality engineering education to large numbers of engineering students around the world is extremely critical. Educating engineering students in the traditional way is no longer effective in ensuring that they learn to become productive engineers. This is due to cultural and technological changes. Fortunately engineering educators around the world have been innovating and transforming engineering education to address this challenge.

Journal of Engineering Education Transformations (JEET) is a forum to facilitate conversations among engineering educators who would like to showcase their transformational work as publications reviewed by expert educators from across the world.

Indo US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE) is publishing this Journal in partnership with Rajarambapu Institute of Technology. ”Journal of Engineering Education Transformations” is a transformed version of "The Journal of Engineering Education", which was being published by a pioneer of engineering education, Prof. Ratnalikar, since 1985.


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