Journal of Engineering Education Transformations

Journal of Engineering Education Transformations

Year: 2020, Volume: 33, Issue: Special Issue, Pages: 240-246

Original Article

Impact of Alternative Fuels on Socio Economic Concern: Experiments, Experiences and Inferences


Climate change represents a serious threat to public health, environment, economic prosperity, and national security. It is necessary to increase public awareness related to causes of climate change and its adverse effects. Hence there is a need to enhance research, develop and promote green technologies, and prepare current students to become future environmental leaders. The focus of this study is to provide awareness of climate change and promote environment and health protection through the development of a biodiesel production facility and use of biodiesel in automotive vehicles to the undergraduate students. This hands on training (Biodiesel Production and its utilization), to the students has increased their interest in learning the course and same is reflected in their results and this activity also helped in attaining wide range of Programme outcomes at different levels.


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