Journal of Engineering Education Transformations

Journal of Engineering Education Transformations

Year: 2020, Volume: 33, Issue: 3, Pages: 43-47

Original Article

Case Study: Use of MOODLE to Improve Teaching Learning Process in Control System Engineering


MOODLE based classroom is implemented to improve teaching learning process. Some content of curriculum was covered using flip classroom technique which includes out-class and in-class activity (using active learning strategies). Attainment of course outcomes of each course contribute to the programme outcomes. Results of two consecutive years are compared and the results show that there is significant improvement in the Course outcomes of the course for these two consecutive years. It was experienced in academic year 2016-17 students' finds difficult to understand concept of time domain and frequency domain analysis. Different teaching methodologies have been incorporated in the academic year 2017-18 to make these topics understandable.


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